What is a good life?

A good life is something that you feel as being a good life.

The problem is that you cannot feel your ideal picture of “good” if your connections to others are broken. You’ll experience the negative side of broken social bonds in various ways, which will increasingly interfere with the “good life” you imagine to yourself.

In order to experience a good life today, here’s what we need to understand:

Today’s world is crumbling as a higher, global and integral level of perception and awareness is pressuring us to upgrade our consciousness. Above our inborn way of viewing everything from an individualistic, egocentric point of view, we need to fill a new field that is becoming revealed to us: a revelation of our absolute interconnectedness and interdependence between ourselves and with nature.

As of now, February 11, 2019, we’re unprepared for such a revelation.

We can see effects of our increasing interdependence and interconnectedness in the way we connect more and more globally: in culture, technology, trade and commerce.

Internally, however, we experience our increasing global connection in its opposite form. We feel more and more internally detached from each other. Rising levels of depression, loneliness, stress and anxiety testify to our increasing internal feeling of detachment.

Since we’re not ready for the interdependence and interconnectedness unraveling under our feet, we feel it as darkness.

In order to feel the world’s tightening connections as goodness and perfection, we need to connect into a different, higher, globally-connected level of consciousness.

Our current level of consciousness is individualistic and egocentric. We perceive and sense the world through a lens of “What will I get out of it?” constantly placing self-benefit at the center of our calculations.

The higher level of consciousness (that we’re developing toward) is other-centric.

It’s where we primarily aim to benefit everyone else.

This is possible if everyone’s desires are aimed at a single point: to bring happiness to the collective whole we’re parts of.

Tools such as the media show us an example of how we can influence public opinion with certain values, defining what is good, bad, desirable and undesirable. If we would use these tools to positively influence public opinion with the idea that we need to unite above division, then we would proactively participate in our development toward the discovery of the higher/global/integral level of consciousness.

On the contrary, our failure to implement such an integrative form of education, which focuses primarily on media messeging, further fuels the decline we’re experiencing today.

That’s what I’m trying to explain in “Wastelands.” (Play “Wastelands” by pressing the “Play” button below.)

That’s the problem today.

In the news, you sometimes hear about the possibility of asteroids coming to hit our planet. That’s what we need to feel in relation to this higher/global/integral consciousness that’s pressuring us to reveal it.

To experience a good life, we need to redefine how we perceive happiness, confidence and success:

  • Happiness is when we’re happy not by being happy for ourselves, but by being happy if others are happy.
  • Confidence is not self-confidence in gaining a sense of power or pride over others, but confidence in that others are holding a common intention that everyone would experience a positive connection.
  • Success is not individual success on the account of others, but collective success to together rise above division, and view life from a united vantage point above differences.
  • Progress would be redefined through a different motion to our current progress: directed at thinking about the benefit of others above individual benefit.

This is the higher level of consciousness inviting us, by pressuring us, to upgrade our consciousness—from individual to collective, egocentric to other-centric, self-benefit to the benefit of others.

If we infuse public opinion with the idea that unity above division is what’s needed today, and that a unity is something great and desirable in the face of division—that through our efforts to unite above our division, we awaken a force of unity dwelling in nature, and start experiencing a heightened form of pleasure in reality—then the more that this idea becomes absorbed by more and more people, the more people will come closer to nature’s innate form of unity, and we’ll experience (much) higher levels of happiness, confidence, security and comfort.

Unity above division is the way to a good life.

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