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What Is Wystelands?

Wystelands is hip hop ideology in voice and text, and black metal guitar-like piano over dark trap beats in instruments.

Combining elements of modern underground hip hop, dark trap, emo rap and phonk, adding a chameleon-like voice that defaults to a very deep low register, and shifts through grunge-like singing melodies, metal screams, and alternating rap flows—often in a single song—Wystelands voices the search to understand life, its events, problems and essence.

Wystelands is Markos Z's latest musical incarnation as hip hop artist and producer. As Wystelands, he has collaborated with experimental hip hop artist and ex-Jungle Brothers member, Sensational, and is a member of the global hip hop collective, The Nation. As a musician, Markos has released dozens of albums on various record labels and independently as noise musician, Bfffth, and also performed music as a solo and ensemble pianist by Stockhausen, Messiaen, Steve Reich, Satie, Schoenberg, Galina Ustvolskaya, and well as many live and recorded improvisations.

Markos was born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, played in various bands while growing up, including as keyboardist in black metal band, Catacomb, which performed alongside Australian extreme metal heavyweights Destroyer 666, Astriaal and Urgrund. Experimentation and an existential search led him to Israel, and to finding new musical expression in hip hop and rap.

Wystelands is a voice of hip hop’s essence: a unifying idea that aims to bridge social divisions.

It thus aims to be more educational than artistic, and in addition to making music, Wystelands also releases educational content to help awaken a common tendency to unite above the growing rifts in modern society.